Watch The Hangover Part II (2011)

As a fan of the first Hangover movie, I was pumped for the sequel. While watching it though, I couldn't believe how much it mirrored the first one. There was: a hangover (I'll allow it due to the title), wiped memories, tits, a tiny Asian penis, an exotic animal, drugs, guns, action scenes, mike tyson, a wedding, prostitutes, the same three main characters on a search for a missing character by retracing their steps via gathering one clue after the next on how the bachelor party unfolded, etc.

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That all being said, I laughed a lot during the Hangover 2. From a movie critic standpoint, though, I was so disappointed at the overwhelming similarities. It was like watching a recycled script of the first one. There was hardly any character development either. Phil remained the cool and collected "wolf-pack" leader, Stu the reserved doctor (aka dentist - yes, they recycle that joke a few more times from the first one), and Alan as the overly weird Jonas brother fan.

The only real difference between the two movies was the location, as the movie went from an upscale Las Vegas location to a run down Thailand (or Thay-land as Alan calls it) city of Bangkok. And yes, there is a bang-cock joke or two in there.

I'd only recommend this movie to stupid people who like hearing the same jokes twice...or thrice. Enjoy!

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